City speeds,
country comfort.

With Air-Wans Wireless Broadband, you don't have to settle for crawling satellite or dial up Internet speeds. Our robust and modern fixed wireless network allows enjoy all that the Internet has to offer, from 4K video streaming and low-latency gaming, to cloud services, regardless of where you live or work.
Cut the cord from Big Cable and switch to our no committment, high speed, unlimited Internet service plans. No contracts and no hidden fees. We'll never throttle your connection based on usage and overages don't exist to us.

A message from our founder

For over 20 years, Apps Communications has been a company in constant evolution alongside the Internet itself. Since our inception as one of the first web development agencies on the Internet, to being a pioneer of search engine marketing, we have always designed our services around our clients needs.
Whether you're a small business or an international agency seeking anything from a small website, digital marketing, or a complete network installation, we have the experience and the resources to meet your needs at the best possible price level.